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        2. Harbin Harmillion Chemicals Co.,Ltd

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          Tel:+86-451-55538367 55538369 55517196
          Fax:+86-451-55538370 55517195

          Service promise

          →The customers in the global rely on professional staff, full support and standardized service of Yibin Company, noble quality and standardized market services, we?ensure to give 100 percent written quality assurance protocol and 365 days unconditional return policy of global sales of completed products:

          → For returns, please contact with our sales staff, and fax the number of returns and the reasons to after-sales service department.
          Tel:+86-451-55538367 55538368 or after-sales service department Fax:+86-451-55538370
          Time: 9:00am---17:00pm(except Saturdays and Sundays, holidays)

          →The customer should undertake fees of return and re-sent shipping freight because of your own reasons.

          →The customer should undertake fees of return and re-sent shipping freight because of customer rejection ro long-term causes.

          →Broken package, moisture, pollution, deterioration or providing special services products (including composite, special-purpose products) will not be returned.

          →The product value-added tax invoices and other related instruments should return along with products, if notes lost, damaged, mistaken sent, the company is not liable after updating.

          →First party receives the returned product, need to carry out quality inspection, after inspection, taking original settlement to return goods fees or delivery of replacement products. Return policy commitments:

          →First party provides global 365 days of return service.

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